• VBox XTi

    VBox XTi

    Free your TV
    VBox is re-imagining Live TV making it easy to watch and record live TV on any device, anywhere. Watch your favorite live TV channels on any screen at home or outside in full broadcast quality or record and watch later with the VBox TV Gateway for Free To Air Cable and Terrestrial TV

  • World's first 4K Ready PVR

    World's first 4K Ready
    Live TV Gateway & PVR

    Stream your DVB-T2 and DVB-C in 4K UHD to any device with VBox TV Gateway

  • Free your TV

    Free your TV

    What if you could free your TV from its box?
    What if you could continue to watch your favorite TV shows without any compromises, on any device, whenever you want, as they air, in broadcast quality, without any internet congestion and - for free?
    Introducing VBox TV Gateway

  • Whole house DVR

    Whole House DVR

    Wouldn’t it be great if you could record any TV program live or future from any device, even if the device has insufficient storage?
    And play back that recording to any device anywhere?

    Recording at your fingertips

  • XLV Family

    Need an enterprise solution?
    See our XLV Family

    The XLV family of products offers a complete solution for streaming direct TV (DTV) broadcasts to the enterprise IP network - ideal for Live Stream TV and rich media distribution for Business, digital signage, hotels, universities, hospitals, corporations, retail, entertainment, e-learning, and more!

Videos | Hardware | Software | Channels | EPG support |

Youtube Help videos from the community and VBox

Details Video
VBox quick setup for NZ and AUS (Manual using your browser, not the APP) https://youtu.be/zdtG9X8Z3HY
VBox On Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCffljNeXAB5R7ee9SyOCjWQ

Hardware Specific advice

(Details on best hardware for best performance)
Details URL

Recommended USB drives
(note drives should be formatted to EXT4 for best performance (NTFS and extFS is not supported)) and to remove file size limitations with HD recordings. To format drives on windows 10 to EXT4, we recommend using the free edition of Mini tool Partition Wizard


Recomended TV boxes


Recomended WIFI routers (with and without internet)


Recomended Smart TV's


Caravan and Campervan setups


Firmware Specific updates that have been directly tested by us

Click here for firmware updates

Known router issues

Netgear - False positives are seen during setup and Netgear armour is set to on.
To fix disable Netgear Armour, setup the Vbox. Once complete re-enable Armour

All - Failure to find Vbox on network.
To fix make sure your router has uPnP enabled

All - Overload, instability, and freezing.
The VBox is a simple home network device, like most home based hardware it does not support Jumbo Frames or Vlan Tagging. Please disable Jumbo frames, and set to a network without VLan tagging.

Software Specific advice that have been directly tested by us

More apps have been reported to work, but those listed are the ones we have tested and have no doubts about.
(Note, users should make sure they have updated to the latest OS and updated the video drivers on their device)
Details URL

VBox Android 41XX Plex Support
A reminder for Plex users with VBox 41XX. The VBox does not come with Plex enabled by default. To enable Plex support goto Streaming --> IPTV --> and check Enable Plex. A reboot of the device maybe necessary. Wait 5 Minutes then search for the Vbox in your Plex server.

Browser Support
We recomend using Plex for browser playback. Playback on ordinary browsers is not supported due to the removal of NPAPI.

Available on Android, Windows, OSX & IOS, Linux, and Rasbery Pi
Make sure you are running Kodi 17.3 or newer
There is a known issue on Older Android TVOS that is causing issues with recording and deleting recordings.

Available on NAS boxes, all Web browsers, Android, Windows, OSX & IOS, Linux, Chromecast, Roku, Smart TVs, TiVo, and more https://www.plex.tv/apps-devices/
Make sure you are running VBox firmware v 2.59.14 or newer; plex must be enabled in streaming --> IPTV. You must also have an active plex pass or lifetime pass to use liveTV and DVR. Plex server is available as a standalone plug and play server (vailable from ishopadonis.com), or the server app can be installed on a Linux or Windows 10 device.

To run a server with HD or 4K video, make sure your hardware is i7 7700 or higher with 8GB or more ram and a 5500 RPM or faster drive. VBox may need to be restarted through a software restart at install time to be found by plex server LiveTV install application.

MrMc (Kodi fork)
Available on Apple TV4, IOS, Android, and Amazon
Make sure you are running the latest update.
There is a known issue on Apple TV 4 that is causing issues with scheduled recordings. Also note, that users are recommended to enable time-shift in MrMc as Apple devices have a known streaming sync issue with MrMc that is resolved by pausing live playback for 1 second which speeds up the audio video sync. Fixes are reliant on MrMc.

VBox Apps
Available on IOS, Android, and Windows
Make sure you are running the latest update, and have the latest drivers installed for your video card. EPG not perfect in all locations, contact support if you need help. Android TV has known issues, please contact support if you experience problems.

Available on IOS

NOTE: Plex support must be disabled for DLNA to work.

Go to Streaming --> IPTV --> un-check Enable Plex

and more


and more


and more


and more


and more

XBox one and Play Station 4 and newer

DLNA Media Player app


Panasonic Viera, Samsung SmartTV, LG SmartTV, Sony SmartTV, Philips SmartTV, and more

Make sure they carry the logo

Available channels

(Details on available TV channels for Sat and Terrestrial)
Details URL

VBox Satellite users


VBox Terrestrial users


EPG program guides and XML conversions

(XML conversions are provided for convenience of customers who live in areas where the live data EPG has errors due to string, or other formatting inconstancies created by lack of freeview standards (Te Aroha transmitter in NZ for example). We do not guarantee, warrant, or provide support for the contents or reliability of the data - this data is provided by Freeview and the television networks)
Australia URL Updated
Freeview Australia http://www.freeview.com.au/tv-guide/ Daily
Freeview Australia XML conversion to Plex - by OZtivo - community driven
Aggregate data is subject to copyright by
freeviewAU and associated channel providers
http://www.xmltv.net/ Daily
New Zealand URL Updated
Freeview New Zealand http://www.freeviewnz.tv/tvguide/whats-on/ Daily
New Zealand Freeview XML conversion for MRMC
If you are finding your app crashes with the full EPG below, use this one. Note that Bravo Plus 1 and channel icons are not present.
http://fview.vboxcomm.com.au/freeviewnz.xml Hourly
New Zealand Freeview XML conversion for Plex
Us this specifically for Plex. Install the XML on both the VBox and Plex server. When selecting Plex choose United Kingdom as the country, then specify the XML file manually (link at the top of the postcode page) when asked for the post code.
http://fview.vboxcomm.com.au/fviewnzplex.xml Hourly
New Zealand Freeview XML conversion for Other http://fview.vboxcomm.com.au/fviewnzfull.xml Hourly
Note: Daily updates are done at midnight and hourly updates are done at the top of the hour, so you should set your systems to update 1/4 past the hour or later.

Aggregate data is subject to copyright by
freeviewNZ and associated channel providers

Videos | Hardware | Software | Channels | EPG support |
For AU and NZ customer support, contact us at support@adonistechnology.lgrtech.com

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