• VBox XTi

    VBox XTi

    Free your TV
    VBox is re-imagining Live TV making it easy to watch and record live TV on any device, anywhere. Watch your favorite live TV channels on any screen at home or outside in full broadcast quality or record and watch later with the VBox TV Gateway for Free To Air Cable and Terrestrial TV

  • World's first 4K Ready PVR

    World's first 4K Ready
    Live TV Gateway & PVR

    Stream your DVB-T2 and DVB-C in 4K UHD to any device with VBox TV Gateway

  • Free your TV

    Free your TV

    What if you could free your TV from its box?
    What if you could continue to watch your favorite TV shows without any compromises, on any device, whenever you want, as they air, in broadcast quality, without any internet congestion and - for free?
    Introducing VBox TV Gateway

  • Whole house DVR

    Whole House DVR

    Wouldn’t it be great if you could record any TV program live or future from any device, even if the device has insufficient storage?
    And play back that recording to any device anywhere?

    Recording at your fingertips

  • XLV Family

    Need an enterprise solution?
    See our XLV Family

    The XLV family of products offers a complete solution for streaming direct TV (DTV) broadcasts to the enterprise IP network - ideal for Live Stream TV and rich media distribution for Business, digital signage, hotels, universities, hospitals, corporations, retail, entertainment, e-learning, and more!

Make long trips easy



Let everyone watch their favorite show

and stop the fight over the TV while on the road!

With VBox you can watch live TV on any device.

Kids can watch their favorite show on their phone or ipad. Partners can see favorite shows while sitting in the passenger seat and you can record the footy while keeping your travel schedule.

The VBox works with Smart TV, iPad, iPhone, Android tablet and smart-phone, Android box, Mac, PC, Smart TV or TV connected to a Kodi player, media streamer, game console and more.

TV anywhere

Watch live TV on the go, or schedule recordings with the touch of a button to watch later so you can get back to the sun. Connect your VBox to a wifi router as a hotspot (Internet not needed) and, anywhere your wifi hot spot signal can go, your TV can follow.

Track your TV on the go by connecting the VBox to a fully Automatic Satellite Dish with GPS Tracking, so the kids can watch TV even when you are on the move.

Or hookup to a 360 degree UHF antenna.

Plugin to an XTi 3442 terrestrial, XTi 3332 Satellite, setup the device and start watching.



Minimum System Requirements

  • Home network WIFI router
    • Full Definition (Full HD 1080p) - Network router 802.11n 5GHz and above
  • Viewing device
    • Android Smartphone and Tablet
    •     OS - Android 5 and above
    •     Standard Definition SD) - Dual Core 1GHz CPU and above
    •     Full HD 1080p - Quad Core 2.3 GHz CPU and above, depending on your device performance, some HD channels may not play smoothly
  • Apple
    •     OS - iOS 6 and above
    •     Standard Definition (SD) - iPhone 3 and iPad 1 and above
    •     Full HD 1080p - iPad Air and above
    •     AppleTV 4 - with VLC, MrMC or other appropriate IPTV App.
    •     Full HD 1080p
    • Big Screen TV
    •     Smart TV - VBox TV Gateway works directly with most UPnP compatible TVs and smart TV's
    •     Watching TV on legacy TV and Smart TV is also posible by using a companion UPnP device such as Android box, game console, media streamer, PC, Mac and more

  • Recording
  •     External USB 2.0 Removable Hard Drive or USB Flash Drive formatted to EXT4 for best performance and to remove file limitations for HD recordings
  •        - NTFS and extFS are not supported and FAT32 is not recommended due to file size limitations
  •        - for Full HD recording 25MB/s write speed and faster is required 
  •     External NAS (SMB/CIFS) with 100MBps network interface

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Live TV on your Tablet and Smartphone

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