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    Multiple channels, any device, in any room, and at the same time.

  • World's first 4K Ready PVR

    World's first 4K Ready
    Live TV Gateway & PVR

    Stream your DVB-T2 and DVB-C in 4K UHD to any device with VBox TV Gateway

  • Whole house DVR

    Whole House DVR

    Wouldn’t it be great if you could record any TV program live or future from any device, even if the device has insufficient storage?
    And play back that recording to any device anywhere?

    Recording at your fingertips

  • XLV Family

    Need an enterprise solution?
    See our XLV Family

    The XLV family of products offers a complete solution for streaming direct TV (DTV) broadcasts to the enterprise IP network - ideal for Live Stream TV and rich media distribution for Business, digital signage, hotels, universities, hospitals, corporations, retail, entertainment, e-learning, and more!

What is VBox TV Gateway?

The VBox TV Gateway is a revolutionary device, it sits on your home network and streams your favorite TV channels to your connected devices. Without using your bandwidth or data plan. Simply plug your aerial UHF Freeview antenna or Freesat dish directly to the V@Home to watch and record free multiple channels, across your home and devices. Eliminating the need for dedicated Set-Top-Boxes or multiple antenna cable runs for each device.

What channels do I get on Freeview|HD or Freeview Satellite?

Watch your favorite local Free to air TV and Radio channels across Australia or NZ. For a complete list see here for Australia and here for NZ (please check your local area for exact channel coverage).

Want more?

You can combine Freeview|HD with many free satellite services to give you a broader range of channels. You will need to connect an aerial antenna and satellite dish to the combi VBox TV Gateway to enjoy a combined local and satelite TV channels.


Live TV Features

  • - Watch on multiple devices simultaneously
  • - Stream live AND recorded TV shows anywhere in your house
  • - Watch on PC and Mac via Kodi, VLC and many other UPnP enabled applications
  • - Watch on network connected Smart TV
  • - Streaming to legacy TV and Smart TV with a companion UPnP device such as Android box, game console, media streamer, PC, Mac and more
  • - Connects to most UPnP devices you already own

Mobile App Features

  • - Watch live and recorded TV shows
  • - Apple iOS & Google Android free apps
  • - View TV program guide (EPG)
  • - TV Remote application
  •   - Schedule Recording
  •   - Change TV channel
  • - Setup and manage the VBox TV Gateway

VBox DVR Features

  • - Record live TV
  • - Schedule recordings
  • - Manage existing recordings
  • - Record multiple TV shows simultaneously
  • - Share recording between devices
  • - Record to a removable storage or NAS

Device Options

  Freeview|HD Freeview Satellite Combi Freeview|HD and Satellite
Product XTi-3442 XTi-3332 XTi-3340
Parallel Users1 2  2 4
Number of RF-Tuners      
Satellite DVB-S/S2   2 2
Freeview|HD DVB-T/T2 2   2
Video Quality –
Up to Full HD 1080p / 3D2
Audio Quality –
Up to Surround Sound
Program Guide EPG
Record Live TV
Free To Air TV
1 Number of users that can watch and record different RF channels (PID, transponder and/or freq) at the same time
2 For Full HD viewing see minimum requirements

Product Features and Requirements

XTi-3442 UHF - Freeview|HD

  • - Watch and record up to 2 RF channels simultaneously
  • - Required: Aerial UHF DVB-T/T2 antenna

XTi-3332 - Freeview Satellite

  • - Watch and record up to 2 RF channels simultaneously
  • - Required: A Freeview Satellite dish

XTI-3340 Combi UHF and Satellite

  • - Watch and record up to 2 Satellite and 2 UHF RF channels simultaneously
  • - Converge Satellite and Aerial TV channels to a single list
  • - Required:
  •     - Satellite dish with digital DVB-S/S2 LNB or universal LNB with Multiswitch
  •     - Aerial UHF DVB-T/T2 antenna 

Minimum System Requirements

  • Home network router (Wired)
    • 100MBps
  • Home network router (Wireless)
    • Standard Definition (SD) - Network router 802.11n and above
    • Full Definition (Full HD 1080p) - Network router 802.11n 5GHz and above
  • Viewing device
    • Android Smartphone and Tablet
    •     OS - Android 5 and above
    •     Standard Definition SD) - Dual Core 1GHz CPU and above
    •     Full HD 1080p - Quad Core 2.3 GHz CPU and above, depanding on your device performance, some HD channels may not play smoothly
  • Apple
    •     OS - iOS 6 and above
    •     Standard Definition (SD) - iPhone 3 and iPad 1 and above
    •     Full HD 1080p - iPad Air and above
    •     AppleTV 4 - with VLC, MrMC or other appropriate IPTV App.
    •     Full HD 1080p
    • Big Screen TV
    •     Smart TV - VBox TV Gateway works directly with most UPnP compatible TVs and smart TV's
    •     Watching TV on legacy TV and Smart TV is also posible by using a companion UPnP device such as Android box, game console, media streamer, PC, Mac and more

  • Recording
  •     External USB 2.0 Removable Hard Drive or USB Flash Drive formated to EXT4 for best performance and to remove file limitations for HD recordings
  •        - NTFS and extFS are not supported and FAT32 is not recommended due to file size limitations
  •        - for Full HD recording 25MB/s write speed and faster is required 
  •     External NAS (SMB/CIFS) with 100MBps network interface

Package contents

  • - VBox TV Gateway device
  • - Power adapter: 110-240V AC - DC 12V
  • - Ethernet Cable
  • - Quick install guide


  Freeview|HD Freeview Satellite Freeview|HD & Freesat
Product XTi-3442 XTi-3332 XTi-3340
Number of tuners 2 2 4
RF input

One RF connector

Two RF connectors

- One DVB-T/T2 RF connector
- One DVB-S RF connector
- One DVB-S/S2 RF connector

RF input signal 1x DVB-T/T2 1x DVB-S/S2 DVB-T/T2, DVB-S, DVB-S2
Pay TV      
Video Quality Broadcast quality up to Full HD 1080p 3D
Audio Quality Broadcast quality up to 5.1 surround sound
Network I/O 1x 100-base-T Ethernet
Recommended WiFi Router Standard Definition – 802.11n and up
Full HD 1080p – 802.11n 5GHz and up
Storage I/O 1x USB 2.0
File system for USB storage

EXT 3, EXT 4

See here for recommended drives and formatting help

Recommended storage For full HD recording 25MB/s write speed and EXT4 filesystem
Power input 110-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Power usage 12V


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